How to Lower your Cholesterol

If you are truly concerned about taking care of your health, you need to regularly perform the appropriate steps that will lower your cholesterol level.
One sure way to doing it is by starting on low cholesterol food diet. A lifestyle that revolves on a low cholesterol diet will give an individual a much healthier and stronger heart and body.

You can start your low cholesterol diet by strictly following a food diet that is rich in healthful fats. You must likewise avoid taking in foods that trigger the increase in cholesterol such as those that are very high in bad, saturated fats. You must research and know which foods have low amounts of cholesterol and try to make these foods a staple in your everyday food consumption.

Include vegetable, grains and healthy oils in your diet

Make yourself more familiar to the different kinds of vegetables, fruits as well as whole grains as these food types are very healthful for you and your heart. Try to shun away from the polyunsaturated oils and use olive oil and canola oil instead. There are many food products in the supermarkets and grocery stores that have labels indicating information on the amount of fats that they contain. Choose those that have less fat. There are even products that specifically mention that they are best included in a low cholesterol diet. One important product is the oatmeal, the fibers of which are known to significantly decrease your cholesterol level.

low cholesterol diet

To really lower your cholesterol, you must follow a strict diet. Watch carefully the kind of foods that you eat and try to limit your food intake. Weight loss is a factor that leads to the lowering of cholesterol. You can try losing weight by counting your daily calorie intake.

Try losing weight to help you achieve a lower level of cholesterol by:


Losing weight and exercise are factors that help in improving the health condition of your heart and lowering of cholesterol level.

Have your doctor regularly check your cholesterol level

As you go through your quest of lowering your cholesterol, it is advisable to visit your doctor to have him check your cholesterol. It can be a rewarding feeling if you know that your cholesterol is continuously decreasing; it makes you want to continue and really accomplish whatever cholesterol-lowering program you are into. However, if weeks of diet and exercise yield no positive results, you can resort to other means that will help lower cholesterol level such as the drugs and medication that your doctor will prescribe to you.

Remember however that once your doctor decides on giving you medication to decrease your cholesterol levels, this only means that you have a serious case of having very high amount of cholesterol. It is imperative that you stick with the medication. But if in the initial usage of the drug, you encountered health problems or experienced side effects, it is best to inform your doctor as soon as possible.