Cholesterol Home Testing Kits

If you were checked by your doctor and made you undergo a cholesterol test in his clinic or the hospital, this means that you are at risk of high cholesterol levels and consequently for stroke or heart attack.

Certainly you yourself would want to monitor regularly your cholesterol level.

Regular testing of cholesterol will put your worries away knowing whether you are keeping your levels of LDL bad cholesterol low and HDL good cholesterol high, or you already have a dangerously high level of cholesterol. How to you test your cholesterol? By buying a cholesterol home testing test from your local drug store or pharmacy or even on the internet.

Understanding the Optimal Levels of HDL and LDL cholesterols

But before you start checking your own cholesterol levels, you must know what the concerned figures mean, and what your health goals are in terms of HDL and LDL cholesterols.

LDL bad cholesterol is the kind of cholesterol that accumulates and stays on the walls and membranes of the arteries; this occurrence often leads to serious coronary heart condition such as the hardening of your arteries, stroke and heart diseases. The maximum levels of LDL cholesterol should be below 100 mg/dL.

lowering cholesterol levels

HDL cholesterol, or the good cholesterol, goes to the bad cholesterol and brings it to your liver to be disposed. This process decreases the bad cholesterol. Therefore, the goal is to have a much higher number of good cholesterol. Beneficial levels of HDL cholesterol are 60mg/dL and higher.

Home kits less reliable than doctor-administered tests

When you purchase a home testing kit for cholesterol, you will test your blood for your current cholesterol level. These home testing kits, unfortunately, are not as efficient and reliable as when you have yourself tested by a physician or at the hospital. However, if you do your home testing on a regular basis, it can be good enough for monitoring your cholesterol and from such tests try to adjust on your daily food diet, and visit your own doctor whenever necessary.
How does cholesterol home testing kit work?

Home test kits work by putting some blood sample from your finger. Place this blood sample on a testing strip and then place it onto the diagnostic component. A particular diagnosis is provided by color. For example, if your diagnostic component turns into red color, this means that your cholesterol level is high. If the color results in green then you have a safe cholesterol level. This is not a fool-proof means of taking cholesterol levels, however regular usage allows you to decide on whether you need to visit your doctor or not. Red color means you already need to have your doctor examine you for the appropriate blood tests. Such tests will provide you with a much more accurate result.

Use FDA-approved home kits

Buy only the home testing cholesterol kits that are FDA-approved. These are easily accessible to those who need them, being available over the counter. Such home kits are reliable, with accuracy percentage rates of about 97. Home testing kits are available in two or individually. However, it is advisable to buy the twin pack and as many of these as possible for regular and ready testing.